209. The Blob (1988)

Date First Watched: Long time ago
Date Last Watched: 9/11/2014
# Viewings: 4+

I saw this long before I ever saw the original and I still think it’s miles better. The original is campy, dated and kinda dull but this is a solid B horror.

I like the ‘monster’, as it doesn’t have a face it doesn’t really have a personality and it really becomes this just unstoppable force. But it has a bit of character that makes it something ‘scary’ and dangerous and nasty. It’s not just a blob rolling along, it’s a blob out to do something.

I don’t think the acting is that great though and they sadly killed off the only eye candy too early. And I also think the most interesting characters were killed off too soon as well. Smith and Dillon are weak actors (as much as I love Dillon in Entourage he is pretty pointless here) and butt ugly, and their characters are pretty flat too so it doesn’t give you a whole lot to root for. They are tolerable enough that you don’t want them to die, but when the more interesting and likable people die first it begins to get annoying. Though it does give a feeling of ‘anything could happen’.

Aside from that, the effects are pretty awesome and it’s fun and well-paced.


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