5. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Date First Watched: 1999-ish
Date Last Watched: 23/11/2011
# Viewings: 7+

I’m not sure exactly when I first watched it, but I’m pretty sure it was the late 90s (possibly early 2000s). It was my favourite film for a time and always remained pretty high in my list. When DVDs were first being advertised, I was desperate to get a DVD of this film so we could finally pause on those flashes easily and clearly (doing that on a VHS was painful). This is one of my most rewatched films ever and every single time it feels like a fresh new film (despite knowing it almost word for word). As a kid, this was one of the films I spent most of the time daydreaming about – I always wanted a poster of that final scene on my wall. It is perfect in every way.

I love the way you don’t even know you’re watching a horror film, until it begins. It makes it much more realistic and ‘shocking’, because you think you’re watching a crime film and boom. The transition is smooth, yet sudden – there’s no messing about with vampire lore, it just gets straight into it (and when they do talk about it, it’s realistically). The vampires are also nasty and ugly and evil, no romanticism whatsoever. All the characters feel like real people, people that existed before the film began and people who would’ve/do exist after the film ends. The cast is amazing (except for that Asian kid, but I’ll let it pass), the dialogue is sharp, funny and typical Tarantino, it’s beautifully shot – the vamp fight scene is one of my favourite scenes ever. Dark Night is amazing. This is not only my favourite vampire film of all time, but my favourite horror film of all time.

And it has many of my favourite quotes including; what’s in Mexico? Mexicans.


2 thoughts on “5. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)”

  1. Well, it’s been one long goddamn hot miserable shit-ass fuckin’ day every inch of the way.

    btw, downloaded Tusk the other day to rewatch for teh lulz.


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