176. Screamers (1995)

Date First Watched: Long time ago
Date Last Watched: 30/01/2007
# Viewings: 3+

Don’t remember when I first saw it, but I was young-ish. I always liked it and was in the mood for some isolated sci-fi and this seemed to fit the bill.

It does feel like there’s a lot going on at times and it’s not like it’s difficult to follow, but it seems like a lot of stuff happens at once, then there’s a break and then a lot of stuff happens at once and so on. I haven’t read the story it’s based on yet. It’s an entertaining film and it’s fairly well-paced, despite the ‘convolutions’. It keeps you interested and entertained throughout. I like the setting, I like the story, I like Peter Weller. I feel the sudden romance between Joe and Jessica seems forced and random. It’s like the token romance. They had no chemistry and there was nothing to suggest they would suddenly get involved and have such strong feelings for each other. It could’ve been a little more fleshed out and had actors with chemistry. Other than that, it’s a pretty cool sci-fi story, just wish it had a bit more depth to it.


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