257. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Date First Watched: 1/07/2004
Date Last Watched: 2004/2005
# Viewings: 2+

Again, not sure how many times I’ve seen this or exactly when I last watched it. I remember thinking it was basically on par with the first one, although I think I slightly preferred this one but don’t remember it very well.

I think this is the better of the two. Although the first one sets up a good intro story and Defoe is awesome, this one feels less awkward. The acting is a bit better and it feels tighter. The characters feel more – and are more – grown up, though Dunst looks ill. It has another cool villain and some great action scenes. The train scene is awesome, and even though the way it deals with it is quite cheesy, people discovering who Spidey is is cool too.


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