83. Le salaire de la peur (1953)

Date First Watched: 7/12/2009
Date Last Watched: 7/12/2009
# Viewings: 2

I don’t have a very vivid memory of the film or my feelings for it, aside from finding the last half of the film super intense. I remembered it being fairly slow to build up to that, but it not being too much of a drag.

This time, I found the build-up a bit of a drag. Maybe because I had expectations for the tense parts. It doesn’t really develop anything of any real importance. I mean, it gives a bit of character backstory and development, but not enough to bring a whole lot to the rest of the film. I remember finding it amusing that there was a dude called Mario who was tall and thin and a dude called Luigi who was short and fat.

Anyway, solid film. Really great second half, but the slow build up is off-putting. I didn’t find it quite as intense this time around but I admittedly was also distracted by my mood.


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