423. Basket Case (1982)

Date First Watched: 5/03/2005
Date Last Watched: 5/03/2005
# Viewings: 2

My mum got a bunch of horror movies on VHS off a friend one day and I decided to watch them all. This was one of them. I had never heard of it, or any of the others, and I thought it was hilarious. I remember commenting all the way through telling the main dude to get a hair cut. That’s about all I remember. I watched the sequel last year, finally, and loved it too so I thought it was time to revisit this one.

I still loved it. It’s super low budget and amateur, but it still has a lot of charm. Henenlotter definitely improved with his next films (especially apparent in some of the dodgy editing), but his sense of humour and style is still very much apparent here. The effects are not too bad for the most part, although sometimes hilarious. The acting is pretty bad all around, but that also contributes to its charm. It feels so innocent. Particularly Duane, Van Hentenryck has this innocence and likability to him that you can’t help but like him and sympathize with him. And Belial is oddly personable as well. I don’t know how or why, but I really like their story and relationship.


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