37. Pet Sematary (1989)

Date First Watched: Long time ago
Date Last Watched: 23/12/2009
# Viewings: 5+

I first watched this when I was quite young and although Zelda scared the poop out of me, I loved it. When I was like 8 I had the hots for Pascow for some bizarre reason. Anyway, it is quite melodramatic at times and the acting is all over the place – Miko Hughes is the best actor in the film and he’s like 3. I always hated Ellie and she is seriously terrible. But the film is effective despite that because not only is the atmosphere sky high and it’s pretty creepy at times, but it’s really emotional and sad. I’m not easily moved by films, but I think it does a good job at exploring the idea of a man accepting the finality of death and dealing with his grief as his life falls apart. Midkiff’s acting is also iffy at times, but some scenes make your heart twinge a little. I normally cheer when a film kills a kid, but Gage is so damn likable even I get depressed during that scene.


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