8. Le samouraï (1967)

Date First Watched: 12/09/2010
Date Last Watched: 21/07/2013
# Viewings: 4

If any movie needs a bluray, it’s this one. Like jesus it’s so goddamn amazing and beautiful and anything with Alain Delon in it needs to be in 1080p. At least we have La Piscine. Anyway, last time I saw this was at the Prince Charles when I was still in London. It was a shame that the quality wasn’t great because if it had a better rip it would look amazing on a big screen.

So, this film is so damn good. I mean it is my 8th favourite movie of all time so it goes without saying and it might move up a place or two now, but seriously. So good. It looks great, the pacing is great, the editing is great, Alain Delon is amazing. It’s a bit of a shame Delon did so much fluff and is a douche IRL, because he’s the best fecking actor man. His performance in Le Samourai is my favourite performance of all time. It’s such a hard character to get right, and he gets the coldness and the coolness and the intensity in the right balance and just oozes cool and charisma. Apparently Ryan Gosling attempted to emulate him in Drive but he’s a terrible actor and that is partly why that movie is crap.

Back onto Le Samourai. SO GOOD.


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