69. Teeth (2007)

Date First Watched: 11/01/2012
Date Last Watched: 11/01/2012
# Viewings: 2

Having only seen this once before, and only 3 years ago, this makes a bit of a change from the other films I’ve rewatched so far. The first time I watched it, I was initially put off by the awkward acting and dialogue, but very quickly this stopped bothering me and actually contributed to its charm. That clunkiness wasn’t apparent to me this time.

The films biggest strength and what makes everything work is that Jess Weixler is amazing. Dawn is really likable and awkward and innocent thanks to her. The character is one that could’ve been painfully annoying, but she isn’t. The rest of the cast is also on point.

I remember reading people calling it anti-male, but I don’t get that vibe it all. To me, it’s purely about sex and sexual violence and perhaps coming to terms with your sexuality and controlling it. It does touch on some sexist double standards (such as the covering of female genitalia in the textbooks and the teacher being unable to say ‘vagina’), but it never points the finger at anyone, it just happens to be told through a female character.

Although the union of horror and comedy isn’t perfect, it’s pretty goddamn funny (“I haven’t even jerked off since Easter!”) and it is fairly unnerving at times (though in a humourous way). Though I’m not totally convinced about the change in Dawn at the end, it seems too sudden and random. It’s one of the few ‘revenge’ type films that works well because Dawn isn’t consciously getting revenge on people who have wronged her, the people that have wronged her are putting themselves in that position in the first place and it’s her body’s instinct protecting her.



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