33. The Evil Dead (1981)

Date First Watched: 18/08/2007 (first half around 1998)
Date Last Watched: 1/10/2013
# Viewings: 4

I have to begin with my ‘famous’ Evil Dead story. When I was about 7 my dad rented it and I desperately wanted to watch it. He said I wasn’t ready for it and I insisted I was and eventually he gave in and let us watch it. I remember being absolutely terrified and I started crying during the pencil in the ankle scene and couldn’t watch any more.

When I finally got around to watching the entire thing years later, I loved it. It’s still the scariest movie I’ve ever seen (though it doesn’t make me cry anymore), due to its completely unrelenting nature. It doesn’t go for quick little shocks, it lingers and noises and shots go on longer than they should which make them actually disturbing. The effects are fantastic as well. All these things make it genuinely unnerving.

It also just looks beautiful. The camerawork is awesome and the foggy atmosphere, the lighting, the framing are all just perfect. Yeah the characters and acting aren’t that great but it really doesn’t matter. They’re good enough to get it rolling and keep things interesting. Bruce Campbell is the only one that really stands out, so it’s no surprise he’s the only one that is well-known.

The final scene is amazing and the switch to that upbeat for the credits is hilarious.


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