1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Date First Watched: 26/05/2005
Date Last Watched: 25/04/2014
# Viewings: 6

I think I had just started – or was just about to start – on my journey through the IMDb Top 250 when I first watched it. It was instantly my #1 and has been ever since. I was going to quote my 14 year old self’s diary entry on the day I watched it but the only thing I commented on was how hot Jack Nicholson was… Anyway…

I’m not a good enough writer to do this film justice. Its themes aren’t subtle, but aren’t forced down your throat either; they just present them as they are. The strongest point, for me, is the amazing acting from every single person in this film. Particularly Nicholson and Fletcher, the latter of which is my favourite female performance and female character ever – what a gloriously magnificent cow – but all the other actors are ridiculously on point as well.

I love the natural, low-key look and style of the film. I love the close ups and the drawn out shots. The tone is consistent the whole way through, never losing its sense of pacing. It keeps things very grounded and calm and all the more effective. And the ending is bleak and depressing as all hell.

I’ve still not read the book – I started once years ago and then my book got wet and ruined and I just never got back around to it – but I will get to it eventually.


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