293. Duck Soup (1933)

Date First Watched: 17/07/2007
Date Last Watched: 17/07/2007
# Viewings: 2

Although the jokes were obvious and the rapid-fire dialogue made it silly, I found it likable and hard to dislike. I hadn’t expected to find something so old so funny, and I loved it. Over the years, I’ve watched more Marx brothers films and liked each one less, to the point where I now dislike them. I wasn’t sure if I’d watched the best ones first or if my sense of humour had changed.

I still think this one is funny and by far the best Marx brothers film. I don’t find it as hilarious as I did. It’s still very likable and fun. The silly jokes and the fact that the entire script is literally just one joke after another add to its charm, but at the same time it means the film lacks much context. It’s amusing, but I only laughed out loud a few times. The mirror scene is gold though.


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