115. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Date First Watched: 31/12/2004
Date Last Watched: 28/01/2008
# Viewings: 3

The film starts quite badly; the dialogue is super forced and wooden, the shots are quite amateur and makes it feel like a TV movie, the acting is uneven. It slowly builds into a more solid thriller, but still feels a bit generic. It has some strong elements; Hopkins’ performance, the interwoven stories and the change in focus (from Bill to Lecter, yet never forgetting Bill), and little things like showing Lecter’s face instead of his actions. It’s not such a stand out film as I remember and I do think it’s a bit overrated. One thing I noticed is that Lecter, and the film, are generally cited as being creepy and disturbing but I don’t think they particularly are. The performance is good, the character is good, but I never felt unnerved.

As you can probably deduce from my high ranking of the film, I’ve always found it an incredibly tense thriller, but now I just think it’s a very good one.


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