26. The Thing (1982)

Date First Watched: 2005
Date Last Watched: 13/01/2014
# Viewings: 5

I loved it from the first time I saw it and love it more every time. For some reason it’s just never quite elevated to a 10 for me – until now. Last time I saw it was at a double screening of Alien and The Thing at the Price Charles when I was still in London, which was a fun night.

The film hasn’t gotten tired even after 5 viewings. It also is oddly timeless (aside from the scenes with the computer). It’s such a great tension-builder, claustrophobic and atmospheric. None of the characters are particularly interesting or well-developed, but they’re all good characters and a solid cast for us to follow. It’s well-paced and never wastes a second. The effects are awesome and easily stand the test of time. The blood testing scene is still one of the greatest scenes of all time, it’s fecking amazing. The whole world just stops every time I see it.


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