65. Eraserhead (1977)

Date First Watched: 27/08/2006
Date Last Watched: 27/08/2006
# Viewings: 2

When I first watched this I was just like wtf, but loved it all the same. As much as I love Lynch, I can only handle so much of him at once so it’s taken me a long time to revisit it.

For me, this film is just a totally visceral experience. It really is like no other film, particularly in that regard. As you can see from my favourites list, I’m not a big fan of experimental type cinema, I usually like characters and narratives, but most of all a film that gets a completely visceral reaction from me is the strongest kind and the most rare.

I love the atmosphere, I love the visuals (goddamn is it beautiful), I love Jack Nance’s facial expressions, I love how disturbingly horrible that baby is, I love ‘In Heaven Everything is Fine’. Not a second of it is boring or uninteresting, it totally sucks you in from the first shot and doesn’t let you go.


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