96. In Bruges (2008)

Date First Watched: 14/10/2009
Date Last Watched: 14/10/2009
# Viewings: 2

In 2002/2003, Colin Farrell was turning up in every movie and every magazine and I HATED him. I just avoided everything he was in and would scratch his face out if I found it in a magazine. So I put this off for a long time, and was surprised when I loved it. And that Colin Farrell is amazing in it, one of my favourite performances of all time.

I was a bit concerned I wouldn’t like this as much this on a rewatch, but I still think it’s excellent. The writing is great, Farrell and Gleeson are great, the cinematography is great. It’s quite strange because such dark themes and comedy usually wouldn’t be balanced very well, but it manages to have a lot of depth and a lot of emotion, yet it’s still really goddamn funny and neither aspect loses anything from the other being there.


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