100. Cypher (2002)

Date First Watched: 9/03/2004
Date Last Watched: 24/11/2007
# Viewings: 4+

Even the first time I watched it, I found it predictable and kind of obvious, but despite this I found it utterly engrossing, despite a few flaws. I more or less feel the same, though slightly less engaged.

The acting is very weird. Some people are just awkward and some are bad (how does Lucy Liu get acting jobs?). Sometimes the weirdness feels a little forced. Though it also works for lots of reasons as well. The cinematography is great and typical Natali style. It throws you right in and doesn’t bother about development which gives it a very disjointed feel from the start.

It feels like it’s trying to be more high concept than it actually is. The plot is fun and I love the film, but it’s a pretty simple film. I feel like it could’ve had more than it did. But then if it had too much more then it would feel like they were trying to be overly complex. Still, they do a lot with the simplistic story. It looks good, it’s well-paced and it’s entertaining.

It’s probably a good thing it’s not that complex though, because every time I watch it I mostly get distracted by how ridiculously hot Jeremy Northam is, like seriously. I’ve been in love with that guy for almost 12 years and I still swoon.


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