327. The Game (1997)

Date First Watched: 17/07/2008
Date Last Watched: 17/07/2008
# Viewings: 2

Not quite as tense and exciting as I remembered it, but still a decent film. The concept is similar to a couple other favourite films I’ve rewatched recently – Cypher and Total Recall – so I guess I like this kind of thing.

One issue I have is that the lead character isn’t very interesting. It’s interesting they made him quite negative and unlikable, but he comes off as bland. It makes the contrast between his desperate situation and his usual comfortable life less profound. It’s an oddly quiet and slow thriller, and I feel it could’ve done with a touch more excitement.

Another issue which I had the first time I watched it as well is that it seems completely unrealistic. I actually don’t mind this so much in general – the world of a film doesn’t equal reality, it just needs to make you believe it’s real – but here it does feel a bit jarring.

That’s not to say it’s not a good film. But it’s not an amazing one. It’s a good thriller with a fun idea, but I think it’s better on a first watch where you don’t really know exactly where it’s going.


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