382. The Prestige (2006)

Date First Watched: 28/01/2007
Date Last Watched: 28/01/2007
# Viewings: 2

I randomly decided to watch this today, and it wasn’t until I went to press play I remembered David Bowie was in it. I decided this before I found out he died, so it was a fitting coincidence.

Anyway, Nolan is often criticised for his storytelling skills and although they are problematic, he is usually a good storyteller. His main issue is that he over explains everything. Everything is quite nicely intertwined and interesting and engrossing and then comes the unnecessary exposition. Inception is the worst example of this, but although this one has the occasional fumble, it actually wraps everything up quite nicely. It does rely on the twist ending but makes it work since it fits in with the whole magician angle (you know, how every film about a con artist ends up with the con artist being involved in a con).

Aside from having an interesting story, the acting is another thing that keeps it above average. Bale and Jackman are both great, with a good supporting cast. Jackman’s accent kept slipping which amused me though. Bale is by far the stand out though and he’s another that’s usually critised – especially after he took up Batman – but he really puts his all into every film and he’s one of those actors who is never the actor, he’s always the character. I believe him as each character he’s played.

The story seems a bit ridiculous at times and sometimes pulls you out of it a little, but Nolan does keep reeling you back in that you begin to not mind so much. I still think it’s a solid film that’s held together by great chemistry between Bale and Jackman, their performances and just a plain ol’ fun story.


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