7. Brazil (1985)

Date First Watched: 13/05/2006
Date Last Watched: 16/08/2011
# Viewings: 3

I first heard of Brazil when I was talking to my Media teacher, listing off some of my favourite films and he recommended me Brazil. I watched it the next day and loved it. In my diary I noted ‘Brazil was weird, but I liked it. Main guy was pretty hot and Michael Palin was hot as always *sighs*’. I hadn’t even seen Something Wicked This Way Comes Yet! Anywho…

I love the setting of the film – I love dystopian futures, and I find the grey drabness oddly alluring. Even though I’m not a fan of noir, I love the noir look and feel of the whole thing. It’s also a very funny and clever satire. Jonathan Pryce is awesome and most everyone is too. I’ve always been bothered by Jill’s character and it was quite distractingly annoying this time around. Kim Greist is the weakest of the cast and aside from that point, her character is just ridiculously bland. Considering that the other characters are deliberately ‘robotic’, it’s quite amazing she comes out being the least interesting. When she becomes a major part of the film, it does start to drag a little (and some parts annoyingly too ambiguous).


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