145. Stalled (2013)

Date First Watched: 24/08/2013
Date Last Watched: 24/08/2014
# Viewings: 5

So, I first saw Stalled at FrightFest 2013. It was the film I was most anxious to see and I was desperate to not miss out on a ticket so after 3 hours sleep, I then spent almost 3 hours queuing up the next morning, in the rain, to get a ticket. And I loved it. I saw it a few months later at Grimmfest and then again in November 2013 at a Q&A at Prince Charles where I scored the hat prop from the film and finally built up the courage to speak to the guys involved. Most people already know some other facts regarding all this, but I won’t go into details here… This time around I watched it with three of my friends who didn’t like it but screw them.

Anywho, I love the film because it’s totally fresh. Considering we really only see one character in one location the entire time, it takes a lot to keep things going and keep your interest. And it manages to do so with a likable lead, and utilising the toilet location to its fullest potential. The dance sequence is still my favourite bit.

I think some of the dialogue is a bit cheesy and overly sentimental and Evie is a bit of a mixed bag, which are my main issues with the film. I think I would’ve liked it more had it just been Dan Palmer by himself the entire time, but it still works overall and is pretty hilarious and fun.


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