543. Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

Date First Watched: 29/04/2005
Date Last Watched: 29/04/2005
# Viewings: 2

According to my diary on the day I first watched it, ‘It was on Foxtel, so I watched it. Gene Kelly, the dude from Brigadoon, was in it. He’s hot. Was. He’s dead. Most hot guys are dead’. As my theme for the week is musicals, I watched Anchors Aweigh the other day, and have been in a Gene Kelly mood so I decided to rewatch it.

It’s such a great film. I normally hate musicals and annoying happy films, but everything just works. It’s so genuinely nice and happy, it never feels forced. Even things like Don and Cosmo being genuine friends, Cosmo never getting jealous of Don or trying to upstage him, there being just a plain, normal romance between Don and Kathy – we never really see him wooing her or their relationship blossoming because it’s not relevant. Their romance just is. It also helps keep the focus on the musical numbers and the plot. Though the age difference does make it a bit strange (but jesus Kelly looks good for 40).

The musical numbers are all great. The music is great. The dancing is great. I’m not much into dancing but here it’s just eye catching. Also helps that Gene Kelly is a super hot dancer. I think some of the stuff feels a little fluffy (that Cyd Charisse dance was pointless), but they all work to some extent. The Singin’ in the Rain scene is a classic, but Make ‘Em Laugh and Good Morning are also lots of fun too.

I think Debbie Reynolds is the weak link of the film, I think probably due to inexperience, but everyone else is on point. Lina Lamont, for example, could easily be just an awful character but Jean Hagan plays her right in every way, so that’s she’s more ‘love to hate’ rather than ‘hate to hate’, and she’s pretty hilarious. Kelly and O’Connor also have great chemistry together.


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