485. The Guest (2014)

Date First Watched: 23/12/2014
Date Last Watched: 23/12/2014
# Viewings: 2

I knew nothing about this going in except for the fact that it was a Wingard/Barrett collaboration which was all I needed to know to make me want to watch it. I wasn’t sure how it would go on a rewatch, but I loved it even more.

The first time around I found the change from the slow-burn thriller at the beginning to the full on action flick at the end very jarring and I preferred the first half by far. This time, I didn’t actually find the change very jarring and I enjoyed the second half a lot more than I did the first time. Another thing I liked more was Maika Monroe. I really didn’t like her and thought she was a terrible actress, but I realised it’s the character’s fault and not hers; she actually does a decent job with what she has. But the character is underdeveloped and not quite believable.

Otherwise, I felt the same about everything. Obviously the soundtrack is the greatest fecking thing ever. I love everything about the soundtrack. Not one misstep there. And I remember that after watching it I saw people comparing it to Drive and I hadn’t even considered that but my immediate thought is that this was the film Drive wanted to be and failed at miserably. Dan Stevens is absolutely amazing and without the right person for that role the film would most likely be a fairly average thriller. He brings the right amount of charm and the right amount of sinister-ness(?) and switches to either in a split second and is totally convincing doing both. And that shower scene, well…


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