62. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Date First Watched: 8/06/2006
Date Last Watched: 21/07/2008
# Viewings: 3

Although I’ve only seen it twice and not for a very long, I’ve had very fond memories for it. I loved the film immediately and also fell madly in love with Robert Downey Jr because he is super damn fine.

Anyway, I still think it’s a pretty awesome film. The script is amazing, it’s well-paced and snappy and quirky, without being annoying quirky. It has a great sense of humour. The mystery remains interesting whilst remaining mostly in the background as the characters and their interactions are the main focus. All the actors are on point, especially RDJ, but Val Kilmer is also solid and they have good chemistry. Monaghan always annoys me for some reason, but she holds her own and the character easily fits in with the rest of the characters.


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