4. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Date First Watched: 2005
Date Last Watched: 4/08/2013
# Viewings: 4

I liked the film enough when I first saw it at 14, but in the years following it Kubrick had become my favourite director and I decided to give it another shot after reading the book. I was blown away. It went from being a tentative 7/10 and outside my top 750, to 10/10 and #4 (and I’m someone who very rarely has even the smallest change in opinion). An amazing visceral experience like no other, absolutely beautiful visuals and an amazing score. While it functions very differently from the book – it doesn’t explain as much as the book, but provides enough food for thought and unlike a lot of visually oriented films, also leaves you to come to your own conclusions and doesn’t shove anything down your throat – I found this was a more effective experience overall (though I think the book helps clear up some issues you might have missed or been unsure about before).

The last time I watched it, I got to see it at the Prince Charles and as much as it’s nice to see on a big screen, I much prefer the personal experience of watching it at home. Not a single second of it is dull; it is one of the most – if not the most – gripping and ‘sitting on the edge of your seat’ films ever.


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