147. The Burning (1981)

Date First Watched: 29/10/2011
Date Last Watched: 29/10/2011
# Viewings: 2

The first time I watched it was with a group of people on Skype, as we would watch ‘bad’ movies together and riff them. However, I thought this was a really great movie and I’ve been anxiously awaiting a lone rewatch, which I have now done as this one was of the examples I chose for us to study for a presentation on the slasher genre.

I’m not a fan of slashers in general, but this is easily top 5 for me. Despite it coming out during the ‘year of the slasher’, it feels fresher than the majority of them. Not having a final girl pleases me immensely, and it doesn’t even technically have a final boy as lots of people survive. There’s no unnecessary twists or complexities; it is a straightforward revenge slasher. The effects are amazing obviously since Savini is involved. The raft scene still remains one of the greatest pieces of art and one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history. I had never heard of The Burning prior to my first time watching it and I did not see that coming at all. The characters are nothing special, it is a slasher after all, but they are more likable than usual and Todd is hot.


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