172. The Servant (1963)

Date First Watched: 24/11/2011
Date Last Watched: 24/11/2011
# Viewings: 2

The first Dirk Bogarde film I ever saw was Providence and I was completely captivated by him. After seeking this out, he was firmly cemented as one of my favourite actors. He has the charisma and screen presence that so few actors have (I would say probably only he and Alain Delon command the screen so much). His performance is 90% of what makes this film so goddamn good. He’s just so fecking amazing. And ridiculously goddamn hot, which is especially helpful during the oddly erotic first half of the film. I remember practically melting at the scene where he stares intently at Vera. James Fox is pretty fine too (though I prefer him in Performance). Wendy Craig is decent as the bitchy girlfriend, but I always found Sarah Miles pretty weak.

The other 10% of the greatness of the film comes from the technical accomplishments. The cinematography is fecking stunning; the black and white, the lighting, the camera movement. So beautiful. Although I’m still not entirely sure what the film is supposed to be about, it somehow all works. I prefer the first half of the film as it’s more subtle. The second half seems to be a complete change in momentum and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense – though is still very captivating, but in a different way.


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