What is the purpose of this site?
When I was younger, I rewatched films all the time. Then when I found iCM and got into lists, I stopped rewatching almost completely because I wanted to spend all my time discovering something new. This means some of my favourite films I haven’t seen in a long time and although I don’t think my tastes have changed that much, I would like to revisit and rerank everything in my current favourites list. I want to get a fresh view on all my favourite films, actually write my thoughts on them and judge them on equal ground.

Another reason is that my rating system is kind of all over the place. I have some 7s ranked above some 8s and some 8s above 9s etc. It starts to make ratings slightly meaningless. This is partly because assigning an arbitrary number to art doesn’t really work, but also because it depends on my mood. I don’t give out ratings based on anything in particular, just a gut feeling. What I am concurrently trying to do, is revise my rating system to make all the numbers mean something. So if I downrate from a 10, it doesn’t necessarily mean I love it less, but that it’s not giving the feeling I want a 10 to give me. I am also trying to make 7s not favourites anymore and just films I really like/think are very good, so an 8+ is a favourite.

Rating breakdown at the beginning of this project:
10/10: 41
9/10: 102
8/10: 367
7/10: 237

Why are there so many gaps in the list?
I rewatched a few films last year, and I am only rewatching films I haven’t seen from before 2014. Otherwise, it’s because I haven’t rewatched them yet. In the case of the former, I will rewatch them either 1) after another year has passed, 2) when I finish the rest of the list or 3) when I feel like it.

Who are you?
My name is Lauren, I’m 27 and I’m from Perth, Western Australia. I am in my third year studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Screen Studies. Always loved film, mostly passionate about horror. Since I got depressed in 2016, my taste in films has changed a bit, I don’t really remember most of my old favourites or have much nostalgia anymore so this is all over the place now too, but oh well.