106. Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001)

Date First Watched: 24/03/2002
Date Last Watched: Long time ago
# Viewings: 3+

The film has a lot of problems; namely, that it’s very sentimental. It would’ve been interesting to see Kubrick’s complete vision of the film, there are definitely Kubrick-y parts and I think his film would’ve been something completely different, more philosophical and colder along the lines of 2001, but that doesn’t mean this one is bad. Oddly, the next film I watched after I watched this for the first time was The Shining. I hadn’t even heard of Kubrick back then.

Despite its sentimentality and melodramatic nature, it’s genuinely emotional. It always makes me cry, and I rarely cry so that’s a big feat in itself. I think it works largely to Haley Joel Osment’s performance. He’s one of the few child actors who can actually act and are likable. I can’t imagine the film being very good without him at the center. I think Gigolo Joe’s whole thing was quite weak, it was tonally off and just seemed odd. The thing I remembered most about the film was the bit at the end where they scare Teddy for some reason,

I’m downrating this slightly (9->8) due to some things, though I still find it as emotionally effective as I did almost 14 years ago.


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