54. The Third Man (1949)

Date First Watched: 23/10/2006
Date Last Watched: 15/12/2011
# Viewings: 3

I’ve loved this just as much every time I’ve watched it. I got to see this last week with Local Hero and Burneyfan while I was in New York. My DVD copy was pretty crappy, so it was nice to see this on the big screen. Although Local went on about World War II, I’ve never really got that from the film (I mean, I can see it but it’s not part of how I watch the film). The visuals are fecking amazing, I think it’s one of the most beautiful films ever made. I like how it just chucks you right into the action and you know about as much as Holly Martins does and you only learn stuff as he learns stuff. I usually hate Orson Welles, but he’s great in this, as is Joseph Cotten – who is one of my favourite actors so it goes without saying really. The story and characters are interesting, the dialogue is witty and fun and the pineapple music is awesome.



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