307. Love Object (2003)

Date First Watched: 13/10/2012
Date Last Watched: 13/10/2012
# Viewings: 2

I wrote this after my first viewing: A quiet character study about loneliness. Desmond Harrington is fantastic as the lead (and I really hate him in Dexter, so I was surprised he was so good here) and extremely sympathetic – those who know me will know that I am rarely sympathetic to characters so this is a huge deal. Watching this made me understand what loneliness means and feels like.

I remember being really impressed with Harrington as I thought he did a great job portraying loneliness. It was so good that I could relate to it and understand it just through his performance, despite never having being lonely in my life. For the last 2 months I’ve experienced terrible loneliness for the first time ever and watching it now was quite hard hitting.

I always found his character relatable as I’ve always been awkward and shy with guys and tend to obsess over someone at any one time. As I was too shy to talk to them, I never had any male attention nor did I have any romantic or sexual experiences and I dealt with that a bit differently than Harrington’s character (more fantasy, than physical), but I still relate heavily to his actions. I never quite felt desperation/loneliness until I lost my virginity a couple of months ago and due to how badly the other person dealt with it, it has caused me a great deal of issues (it was the typical kind of ‘guy gets close with female friend, takes advantage while not sober, then treats them like a stranger’ situation – not being clingy like the doll, but still feels similar; ‘why won’t you let me go’ etc. How do you move on when they are always there reminding you?). Now I really relate on a personal level. The brief confidence, then depression and then spiraling into madness. Yep. It’s actually kind of depressing and painful to watch now. I wouldn’t be surprised if I turn into this guy soon.

Still, it’s very good. Harrington is excellent and it’s still by far my favourite performance of his. He takes the role seriously, he’s completely honest and natural, there’s no condescension or quirkiness. I never like Melissa Sagemiller in anything, but she’s tolerable. The way it deals with loneliness and a touch of insanity, sympathetically but without any judgment is great. It’s kind of a dark comedy, but without every being ‘funny’. There are a couple of missteps at the end and it sometimes feels oddly paced, but those are about the only flaws.


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