387. Equilibrium (2002)

Date First Watched: 10/01/2007
Date Last Watched: 10/01/2007
# Viewings: 2

The first time I watched this I read it was a ‘poor man’s Matrix’, but it never felt very Matrix-y to me. It’s obviously highly inspired by Fahrenheit 451 and I read a lot people bashing it for being a ‘rip-off’ which I find pretty pathetic. It takes the basic concept but creates an entirely new world and story out of it. And why not, it’s an interesting idea that is going to be continuously done in different ways. And I’ll happily watch all of them.

Anyway, there are a plot of plot inconsistencies which keep it at ‘great’ and not ‘amazing’. It’s not particularly thought-provoking as it’s pretty obvious and doesn’t really delve into much aside from a brief mention of ‘surviving is not living’.

Good stuff though: it’s beautifully shot. Like, some of that framing made me tingly. Wonderful lighting as well. The action scenes look good too and helps blend the sci-fi and action stuff together quite nicely. Christian Bale is also very good and most of the other actors are decent – Taye Diggs was really out of place though because he just seemed snarky, not emotionless.


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