463. Murder Party (2007)

Date First Watched: 25/02/2012
Date Last Watched: 25/02/2012
# Viewings: 2

I don’t remember how I first found out about it, but I’d heard nothing about it before going in. I really liked it, but was put off by the middle of the film which I felt dragged. I also thought the guy playing Alexander was hot and was a bit distracted. I watched the making of video afterwards and liked it even more just from that. I loved that they were friends since they were kids and made films together when they were young and their passion for filmmaking really comes through.

I loved it even more on a rewatch. It does drag a bit in the middle, and my attention did start to wane for about 10 minutes which is really the only thing holding it back from a 10. Every character is amazing. All the actors are amazing. The dialogue is hilarious. The digs at art students is ridiculously spot on. The camerawork is cool. Extra props to Macon Blair, who is really an amazing actor. I didn’t like Blue Ruin that much, but he is just really good and has great screen presence. I remembered there being lots of ‘dildo’ mentions, so I counted them this time and there were only 8, but 7 of them were within a 20 minute period.


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