151. Charlie’s Angels (2000)

Date First Watched: 2000
Date Last Watched: 17/12/2006
# Viewings: 4+

So I saw this the same year it came out. I was 9. It was my favourite movie for a while. I was also madly in love with Sam Rockwell, who was my first celebrity crush.

I’ve watched it numerous times over the years, though not in a long time as you can see – it’s been the same number of years as the age that I was when I first watched it, that makes me feel goddamn old. Anyway, every time I’ve watched it I’ve basically come away with the same feeling about it; it’s total fluff, but it’s fun, light-hearted and enjoyable fluff. I always wonder if I hadn’t had a crush on Sam Rockwell would I still have liked the film, and I think I probably would’ve (though maybe not as much), because it’s just a likable film.

To me it’s like a comedy version of something like James Bond, except with likable characters and doesn’t bore you to death. It’s not going to change anyone’s life (well, it kind of did for me), but it’s not trying to, it’s just trying to entertain you for 90 minutes and it does.

Some of the jokes are stupid, but not mind-numbingly stupid, just innocently stupid. I always felt Lucy Liu was out of place because she can’t act, but she still has some decent scenes and I like everyone else enough to make up for her.

You know how everyone has a ‘most rewound and rewatched scene’? Well, this was probably mine as a child (and I still watch it every few months or so, for reasons):


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