131. Wishmaster (1997)

Date First Watched: 9/10/2011
Date Last Watched: 9/10/2011
# Viewings: 2

I saw the 4th one randomly when I was like 12 and don’t remember it at all, but for some reason I never got around to the first one for a long time. I thought it was ridiculously good fun and although I still love it a lot, it’s not quite as enthralling as I found it the first time.

Andrew Divoff is great and the best part of the film. I love the Djinn character too. The effects are cool and the wishes/deaths are funny and creative. The rest of the cast is kind of crap though, Tammy Lauren being really terrible and I find her character really annoying and unlikable. The ending is also kind of lame. But it’s still a pretty fun time, I just wish it wasn’t quite so 90s.


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