92. The Graduate (1967)

Date First Watched: 4/09/2005
Date Last Watched: Late 2005
# Viewings: 3

I thought this was amazing when I first saw it. I watched it a second time a couple months later… and 10 years later I’m finally watching it again. I remember finding it relatable, I loved the awkwardness, thought it was hilarious, loved Dustin Hoffman’s character and performance and most of all, thought the soundtrack was great and perfectly suitable.

But now… I don’t. I really just didn’t get it at all. I still liked it and enjoyed it, but I didn’t find any of it relatable and I don’t how why I did when I was 14. Some of the jokes just weren’t funny and some of the stuff I didn’t get back then, I still don’t get now (plastics? WTF is that even about?). It felt rushed. The relationship between Mrs Robinson and Benjamin didn’t make sense. I just felt confused this time around. I still love the soundtrack because Simon & Garfunkel are awesome, but I didn’t feel like it really suited it or complemented it. I don’t know if it was just because I thought Dustin Hoffman was really hot when I was younger and so was forgiving to some stuff I didn’t like or if I’ve really changed somehow.

I kind of suspected my opinion on this film would change – I had rated it 10/10 and over the years I’ve felt less and less of a connection to it, and so was afraid of this exact thing happening if I rewatched it. But eh, what can you do?


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