125. The Breakfast Club (1985)

Date First Watched: 5/07/2006
Date Last Watched: 12/07/2006
# Viewings: 3

I loved this so much the first time I watched it, I rewatched it a week later… and not since. Actually, that was the reason I made my rule of not rewatching a film until at least a year later (though I broke it a few times).

Anywho, I still liked it but not as much as then. It’s a fun film, the actors are all decent and it’s funny. I never really related to it; neither at 15, nor now at 25. I’m not really sure what I like about it, tbh.

I also found it strange that I’m now older than all of the actors at the time of filming. That makes me feel super old. I also remember finding it odd last time that I didn’t find Anthony Michael Hall attractive since that’s my type, but I think it’s because I found him too young even then, haha. Bender was always my favourite character, and since he’s probably the main character he’s the most well-developed, but I think Judd Nelson really brings him to life in a way that makes him stand out from other similar characters in other films. I always disliked Molly Ringwald’s character because I don’t really like her. I’m not sure why she was in all of these 80s movies. What is supposed to be appealing about her? She just annoys me.


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