88. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Date First Watched: 18/06/2012
Date Last Watched: 28/06/2013
# Viewings: 3

Warning: Spoilers be below. When I first heard of this film, I anxiously awaited it for a year or so without reading a thing about it and when it finally got a (small) cinema release in Australia, I was there. As I’d stayed in the dark about it, I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen and that made the experience so much more awesome.

This was my second rewatch and it’s still awesomely good fun. I’ve always been bothered by the fact that it feels like two separate films and two films which I want to see MORE of. They are both great separate halves, but I just want more. But it does give a lot and anymore would’ve felt over-saturated, so it’s good that it just teases you with enough.

I preferred the ‘cabin in the woods’ side of it originally, but now I like the crazy second half more. The elevator massacre thing is a thing of beauty. And the entire massacre thing is so well shot and edited; the camera stays still and lets you look at everything (another thing I liked about the action scenes of The Avengers and I know Whedon didn’t direct Cabin in the Woods, but I still feel like that might be his influence). Rushing around and little glimpses are fine in some cases, but here sitting and watching is the best route. Especially since that ties in with the themes of the film.

It’s very well written, with solid characters and a solid cast. It doesn’t feel heavy handed and it never feels like it’s trying to be deeper than it is. It has a concept and it sticks to it, never feels forced or compromised. So it’s a solid film that going into it blind is an experience of itself, but still works amazingly on rewatches (and there are little extra things to pick up on each time as well which is fun).


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