25. Life of Brian (1979)

Date First Watched: 14/02/2005
Date Last Watched: 5/10/2009
# Viewings: 5

As mentioned when I rewatched Holy Grail, I used to rewatch the Monty Python films every year on its anniversary, but stopped after getting into the horror challenge in 2010. So it’s been a while.

While I still liked it, some of the jokes that didn’t quite work for me in previous watches, kind of bothered me this time. I’m not sure if my sense of humour has changed a bit over the years, or if I’m in general less forgiving these days. For example; the alien thing I never really got. Some of the jokes and delivery are a bit meh.

I found some of the pacing a bit off and at times it drags a little, especially near the end. This may all sound overly negative but it’s only because I’ve seen it so many times and find myself picking at things I previously brushed off. Still hilarious, but slightly uneven.


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