42. Cabin Fever (2002)

Date First Watched: 26/03/2004
Date Last Watched: 30/10/2011
# Viewings: 4+

I don’t remember why, but I really wanted to see this when it first came out here (in 2004), and then my dad went to the cinema while I was at school and saw it and I was very annoyed. I’ve seen it a fair few times and know the film fairly well, and while I still love it I don’t think it’ll ever get past a 9 from me. I’ve always liked the characters because they’re fairly unlikable and obnoxious, but somehow still sympathetic and realistic. I also like the originality of it, that it’s a group of friends in a cabin but what is killing them is a disease instead of a person/monster. Something that they can’t really fight – although, if they weren’t so stupid they would’ve made more of an effort to get to a hospital. The stupidity of the characters gets a little frustrating at times, and sometimes the tonal shifts don’t work so well, but most of the time it works fairly well. I like that it has a dark sense of humour, but is also quite serious as well.


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