634. Super Troopers (2001)

Date First Watched: 2/09/2002
Date Last Watched: 2005
# Viewings: 3+

I caught a glimpse of Club Dread in 2005 some time and developed a crush on Erik Stolhanske, so sought this out next. I thought it was hilarious and for some reason, the bear scene seemed familiar to me. I was later reading my diary from 2002 and discovered I had actually watched it before. That was weird.

Anyway, I’ve seen this movie a couple of times now but not since 2005. I watched it stoned this time which made it way more funnier, but I still think it’s a pretty dumb movie. There’s lots of funny stuff and the opening scene is amazing, but overall it’s not great. But for the most part, it’s funny and entertaining and therefore watchable. Without my crush on Stolhanske, I’m less ‘blinded’, though I never thought it was a particularly amazing movie to begin with. I obviously hadn’t been stoned when I first watched it, but it made that opening scene even more amazing since it seemed trippy because I was stoned and also because I could now relate to how trippy the actual situation would be.

I think it starts off strong but peters out halfway through when the actual story starts to drag it down. It actually might’ve been funnier if it had been more episodic and less plot focused. Good fun though.


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